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Public Broadcasting Election Collaboration Project

Todd Mundt (Iowa Public Radio), Lee Banville (The Online NewsHour), Mike Bettison (MPR), Deborah May Hughes (PI), Melinda Whittstock (CNC), Andy Carvin (NPR), Raul Ramirez (KQED), Jake Shapiro (PRX)

This panel is bit above my pay grade. But it actually comes as a refreshing surprise from the folks at the executive level. And it all starts here with CPB Head Bruce Theriault: “we will only fund this project if there is collaboration across silos – and if its shared with stations.”

So. This is some of what they came up with:

* Election Map – NPR / NewsHour
* Ask Your Lawmaker – CNC
* You Decide – KQED
* Select a Candidate – MPR
* Knowledge Network – resources – discussion threads

Still to Come:
* BallotVox – PRX
* Get My Vote – NPR

Dale Hobson asks for a way that these can be used for local issues and elections. Andy replies that this will be coming soon. So that, if you choose to ask people about a particular initiative on the ballot during a random local election, that stations will have tool to use… Long after the election.

Andy Carvin replies again to a different question with the answer that the “Social Media Best Practices Toolkit” doesn’t exist yet. But it will. And it will contain documentation and tutorials outlined by the designers and users themselves.

Lee Banville says that 600 stories on map on Super Tuesday – and 300 of them were from local stations. He said that local stations add a ton of credibility.

The CPB’s Bruce Theriault makes a comment in closing which goes something like this: We played. We worked together. Now, Stations Need to Play and promote the stuff. And Lastly, we need to get out of the walled garden of public media and allow the public and other institutions a chance to play.



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