The Eyebrow Brigade’s First Comic

Lick a Bald Head Comic Cover

It’s a Lick a Bald Head Day! The first, and latest, comic from our heroes, the Eyebrow Brigade! Find out if John will tame the wild Rigatoni or if the intrepid tongue will prevail!

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  1. Howard Covitz’s avatar

    Love this comic! What software did you use for that?

  2. John Tynan’s avatar

    Hey Howard! Glad you liked it!

    I used:

    I’m taking a drawing class online and my instructor suggested I apply the following steps to my photos to make them more like comics:

    Make a copy of your layer (Ctrl+J) so that you have two of the same layers.

    Next, apply the following:

    Filter > Artistic > Cutout (You can also use Watercolor for a different effect)

    Set that layers Blending mode property to either Multiply or Screen with a Opacity between 80-100

    The layer below it can also have the following filter applied for the outlining side:
    Filter > Artistic > Poster Edges (set preferences to desired strengths)


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