Open Source Slideshow - IMA2007 Project Planning Session

IMA - Project Planning - Preface

The Elevator Pitch

  • opensource, standards based. Only requires a browser. No costly, proprietary software necessary.
  • great way to go from conference notes... to getting the word out!
  • create handouts as well as slides in the same process - simply print this page!
  • based on a text file. Go from notepad to presentation in minutes.
  • Simply install .. _docutils: to your python distribution
  • create a text file using the simple, intuitive .. _reStructuredText: format..
  • from the command line, run a little script (like the one I used to create this slideshow): " --theme default ima2007ProjectPlanning.txt ima2007ProjectPlanning.html"
  • power up the projector

IMA - Project Planning - Bill Swersey, WNYC

Notes: Bill Swersey, WNYC:

First question - ask "why?" When new requests come in from different departments, ask "why?" How does it further their goals? What are their goals?

Draft a "web strategy" for talk show (for instance) - other initiatives on the web. Example: Develop guidelines for underwriting.

Pull back curtain - show traffic. Set goals such as: for this section of the site, we have a goal to increase traffic to x.

Have meeting every six months. Invite suggestions. Track requests via Use wiki for internal documentation, viewing project plans, brainstorming.

IMA - Project Planning - Jeannie, WXPN.

Notes: Jeannie, WXPN.

How do we start with business planning for shows, how to include web component for every station goal. What are the station departments' individual goals?

What GOALS do we have for web during the coming year?

  • viral marketing via myspace, flickr, blog. Use volunteer?
  • underwriting?
  • x number of podcasts distributed via NPR?
  • what goals for talk show?
  • Find a way to involve students, interns, volunteers.

IMA - Project Planning - Bruce Kohl: MPR.

Notes: Bruce Kohl: MPR.

  • Get away from being isolationist.
  • Know the mission and purpose of web site... Be able to respond to ideas, and have an elevator pitch ready.
  • Set yearly goals around statement of intent. If it's only you, go to starbucks, get out of the office and get a clear mind. Enlist allies at the station; clarify goals with them. Hone list to 15 to 2 items.

Create an online editorial board of advisors? Or simply bring two people together around a specific initiative, go to lunch.

Invite people who rub you the wrong way, find out why this is. Let them tell us what bothers them. Give them an opportunity to contribute and show that their input is valued. -- or not. If people really aren't supportive, agree to disagree and let them go if the relationship is not productive.

Getting everyone together alllows everyone to see all the goals collectively.

IMA - Project Planning - Mike Bettison, APM/MPR.

Notes: Mike Bettison, APM/MPR.

  • Define institutional, strategic priorities
  • Map web goals to these priorities

Example "Platform Goals"

  • Get content out there on other sites
  • Revenue?
  • Engage audience
  • Train staff?

By mapping web site goals to station's goals, it shows the value of web, allows us to ask for revenue.

Serves as foundation for new people coming on. Helps managers understand and justify where money is going. Gets us ahead of budget process. Gets people repeating "intentions" in meetings where web folk aren't present.

Have weekly meetings, what's going on on the air, what's going on online.

IMA - Project Planning - Open Discusssion.

Notes: Mike Bettison, APM/MPR.

Everyone's shared drives are a mess! Use mediawiki for documenting applications - collaborating.

Want to increase your staff? Make a case -- based on goals -- for a new position. If we have the content creation distributed, people are more invested (and need to be supported). Frees web up to help achieve goals. If we do have interns, when they take up too much space, it's a rationale for hiring.

Pick a pilot project that is likely to have success, build it out to larger organization.

IMA - Project Planning - The End