Inspired about Animation

I came away from our panel on Embracing Independent Media inspired on multiple levels. One way that I was inspired was in the area of animation. Chris Hastings showed us a video entitled War Games by Heather Arment.

I had been thinking of how to approach an animation project that Rene had started as a result of her producing a segment of an interview she had done with me as part of putting together her Kindle Story.

Armed with Rene’s audio, and a new vision of how I could approach the animation, I put together this first draft of what someday, given more time and experience, could be pretty fun:

While I’m on the subject of animation and Open Call, I have to say, I cannot thank Chris Hastings enough for his understated, yet marksman like abilities as a technologist. He deserves a lot of credit for making sure our presentation ran smoothly.


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