Lost in Marseille

Friday, while Rene focused on her radio work, I decided to head out into the city on my own. I wanted to go to the library and I had a vague idea where I would find it. So I left, confident it would make itself known.


On the way, I saw a beautiful motorbike…


and this stained, old sculpture. But I never found the library. I decided, instead, to take public transportation home. I asked for directions at the train station, and it was hilarious… At one point, I had two information clerks making the sign of the cross and praying over me so that I would make it safely home — I did — taking the number one line on the metro to the Vieux Port, then switching to the number 80 bus.


On the way back to the apartment, I picked out some roses for Rene!


To celebrate a good day’s work, we decided to go out for dinner.


We had a ton of fun playing with the camera during our meal. Rene has a real talent for getting great angles on photos. I love how this shows the texture and variety of our dinner.


I tried to get some good angles too. Here’s a nice photo of Rene. She was particularly glad to eat sea urchin.


Outside the restaurant, they were selling a lot of the same creatures we had just eaten.

We meandered around the city at night. Then, stopped for a cup of coffee and a truly delicious hot chocolate crepe to bring our evening neatly to a close.


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