Superstition Blues

I recently got together with my friend Howard and we put together this blues. It’s the first real song that I’ve put together using the BR864. I may re-take the accordion part, but as a proof of concept, I’d say it’s pretty good! The lyrics were lifted, real quick, at the last minute from a book on the blues. I’m thinking that they’ve fallen into the public domain.

Have a listen, and let me know what you think.

Thanks Howard, for all your help!

  1. rene’s avatar

    nice job on the song! i love the inclusion of the accordion. big smiles… 🙂

  2. Howard Covitz’s avatar

    One idea: Adapt the antique ominous signs to modern day signs that a server is about to crash: My cache is full and CPU is clocking. My cache is full and the CPU is a’clockin’. I said my cache is full and the CPU is a’clockin’. I pray its just a virus and not the write heads a lockin’.

  3. John Tynan’s avatar

    Nice touch Howard!

  4. Andy’s avatar

    love the song John. Its quite fun to listen to 🙂


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