Spam is (not) for lovers

This past weekend, Rene had a story on the Splendid Table. It all started as a joke, a parody of This American Life and was meant to be more an exercise in interviewing each other than anything else — the idea of getting at a conversational interview style being more the point than the actual subject, which was kind of an ordinary event. We came up with the idea for the story while driving to Sedona for vacation, then recorded the audio the next morning simply for fun. Then the minidisk gathered dust for over a year. Last month, Rene sat down one weekend and put it together just for fun. Then the story came to life in its own way.The folks at the Splendid Table did a great job introducing the story. They chose the music at the start of the piece and it just sets everything up just right.

You can listen here. (It’s about 1/3 of the way into the show… I’m not quite sure where).


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