First Kiss

Here I am married for two years and I can still remember my Rene and and my first kiss. I was sitting down to write a song, and this is what I happened to write about. It’s a first draft, and one where I am starting to get the idea of popular song form. Have a listen and see what you think!

  1. Christy’s avatar

    Your song reminded me of a slinky, in a good way. So sweet, simple, with a hint of potential perpetual motion.

    I did wince at first at “intoxicated”, but then thought it worked.

    Btw, I went to college with Randy Kinkel, I hope you don’t mind me looking in on your life, from time to time.

  2. Rando’s avatar

    You are now officially tagged. In order to play the game, you must now post 5 things about yourself and then tag 5 other people to do the same. My job here is done.


  3. Christy’s avatar

    Is this like a chain letter? I don’t know 5 other people!

    1. I hate chain letters, although I’m afraid of them
    2. I only know about 2 people, but I’ve developed elaborate theories about human nature.
    3. My husband gave a speech in synagogue where he somehow tied in my mom’s funeral. Very surreal. My mom, a lifelong fundamentalist Christian, would have hated that.
    4. As part of my new-found yoga training, I’m trying to live as much in the “now” as possible. Getting rid of the “story”. Now concerned that the “story” is what makes life worth living…
    5. I am world’s fastest, and worst poet.

  4. Margret’s avatar

    When I started playing the song, the KJZZ story was playing simultaneously. I have to say it was a little surreal hearing you singing about kissing Rene with Rene’s voice in the background talking about immigration.

    Cool song!

  5. John Tynan’s avatar

    Five things about me:

    1) I heard a story on the radio which talks about how a person tells their story is as important as the story itself. I’m mindful of this when I talk about myself.
    2) I have a publishable manuscript of poems ready to go to the printer and I’m trying to, incrementally, get these poems published.
    3) So far this year, I’ve received three personal rejection notices from the editor of a literary press.
    4) I feel incredibly creative in so many ways, I wish I could translate all these activities into a career.
    5) I really enjoy my life.

    P.S. Christy, I think you have a great poetic sensibility. Your “slinky” comment about this song and your other posts have been real insightful.

    P.P.S. Thanks Margaret. I’m glad you like the song. I see now that I have to do something about that news report starting automatically. Some things just don’t mix.

  6. Christy’s avatar

    Hey, we have a lot in common. I really enjoy your life, too! Just kidding. My first yoga teacher said something that stuck with me over the years, something to the effect of “People who find themselves constantly a little/lot untruthful should be silent till they can discern the truth.”

    I was almost a mute for weeks after that, knowing that I have such flexibility about facts/perceptions that I often lie without meaning to. So now you know–I’m really a guy, a millionaire, etc.

    About the songwriting….I love surprising, smart songs that are salable. I LOVE syncopation in pop songs (Fool in the Rain, for e.g., Led Zeppelin) and also there is a new song that has captivated me, by Fergie, “Big Girls don’t Cry”. It is meaningful, you can really picture the scene she sets, it’s catchy, prose-y (is that a word?), beautiful and I like that she was a meth-head and came back to be successful.

    Was it the meth that made you and Rene kill your lawn? That’d be a great back story……indulge me!


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