Dessert Tray – Second Pass

Dessert Tray – Second Pass, originally uploaded by johntynan.

My cousin Heidi showed me how to use a tortillion. I just love saying the word. It’s like a cross between a bag of Doritos and an old world dance step. And I like its effects. What do you think?

  1. Christy’s avatar

    I had to look up tortillion. I can see where you used it, makes for nice highlights.

    When I see hand drawings, I get the feeling of all being right in the world. Same with sand mandalas, soon to be destroyed. The feeling is that someone is taking the time to be mindful. But not in a bad way, like lawns. (I saw your lawn problems, and we have killed lawns from Florida to Missouri).

    Not that chronic lawn nuts are bad people, I just think they’re going against nature, fighting. The artists are only adding human consciousness to nature, almost an offering. (OK, I had another “But not a bad offering like…..” and realized–tortillion, Christy, tortillion)


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