Radio for YouTube – A First Draft

Visiting NPR Kroc Fellow Thomas Pierce has put together “Arizona Drought: Soil Makes All the Difference” an initial draft of “Radio for You Tube”

He’s done a great job with this! It’s interesting to note that he started with the radio story, and overlaid video that he captured during his interviews. He’s also done a good job at getting interesting visual angles and ability to think about what visuals he needs while out in the field.Among other things, we’ve also been discussing how much of the visuals could be done using still photos, and how to compile a list of “B-Roll” footage that you will want to get (visuals that you can know ahead of time that will help you tell the story). I’m sure Thomas will have more to say about his process and about the possibilities of thinking visually for radio as we discuss this here. I’m sure that through thinking about this issue there will be learning enough for us all.

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  1. Randy’s avatar

    not to be all cynical and junk, but…wouldn’t radio for Youtube be…. TV?
    good stuff, but how is it different from a story you’d see on local TV? just the style?


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