A Challenge

Remember browsing the web with a 28.8 modem? We sure do after attempting to board the elevators at the Mariott at Copley Plaza.

The elevators in this hotel are abysmal. I issued the following challenge on the IMA Blog :

I’d like to issue a challenge. Let me know if this sounds fun! Let’s see how many creatively staged photos we can take of people waiting for the elevators at the hotel: GM’s propped up under the up and down controls sleeping… marketing groups commandeering housekeeping implements to pry the elevator doors apart. Whole mobs of attendee’s with fists raised! Whole Chess Games played between the fourth floor and the desired floor. You get the idea…

Brendan Greeley and Andy Carvin hosted an great session for getting radio folks up to speed on using technorati and bloglines for listening to what other people are saying about you (or me, John Tynan) or about a particular topic. This allows you to have a conversation across many disparate publishing platforms and sites. Now, how to employ this toward better telling stories and/or following up on the stories we tell. Now there’s a challenge!

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  1. andy carvin’s avatar

    And of course, we’d have to tag all of these photos ‘marriottelevatorssuck’ and send a widget containing all the photos to the hotel manager and Marriott’s vp for customer relations….

  2. margret’s avatar

    I would love to get elevator photos of people at conferences! I fear my colleagues are too serious for this sort of tomfoolery. Or, too serious to get their photos taken near the elevator acting goofy.


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