Tomato in Tones

I’ve started this drawing course. I’ve been drawing with graphite pencils.

Coffee Cup with Shadows and Reflections

Dessert Tray - First Pass

But I’ve been thinking lately, that my drawings tend to lack contrast. That they are all pretty light in tone and that I really do not have a feeling for depth. Like the things I draw are kind of flat and are just what they are… drawings. They do not have the weight and mass of the actual object that I’m seeing.

So, I thought I would try something new and dramatically different. I decided to draw a still life using photoshop.

Tomato in Tones, originally uploaded by johntynan.

I really liked the way the chili pepper came out. The tomato was a bit more difficult. I could have put more time into it, but I wanted to see what kind of a response people had.

  1. Rando’s avatar

    me likey!
    that’s a good pepper.
    to draw the tomato you must BE the tomato. or something.
    I never was much good at still lifes.
    I like the photoshop because it’s more abstract in a way. I like abstraction.
    I don’t really care that much about reproducing the tomato as it looks to the eye. I’m more about capturing something of the quality/essence of the tomato in an abstraction.
    but you’re doing good.

  2. John Tynan’s avatar

    Hey, Hey! I agree, Randy! It’s about conveying some other quality in abstraction, otherwise a photo would suffice. Appreciate the encouragement!

  3. Rando’s avatar

    I can’t get excited about a painting that could be a photograph. I appreciate the skill, but it leaves me cold.

  4. Mustache Maniac’s avatar

    Why not draw a corn on the cobb(head)


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