Rigatoni, Alfredo and Me

Rigatoni, Alfredo and Me, originally uploaded by johntynan.

I could not be happier about Alfredo, our new dachshund. He adjusted instantly to life here at our house. He’s affectionate, yet playful. He likes to play catch – and actually brings the ball back!

He and Rigatoni get along like best friends. They follow each other out into the yard first thing in the morning. They get rowdy with each other too, nipping at each other’s ears and body checking the other in a playful way.

Just now, we were watching TV and they were licking each other’s ears and nose and face. Rigatoni is in the center, Alfredo is on the right (notice how his face is longer and his eyes are just a bit larger).

We are truly lucky to have increased our ranks to four from a pack of three!

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  1. Margret’s avatar

    They’re so cute! But, I can’t tell them apart!

  2. Christy’s avatar

    Margret, I think the one with the shirt is John.

    The one with the pink harness must be Rigatoni.

  3. margret’s avatar

    Are you sure? All of their heads are so shiny it’s difficult to say.And last time I was over John wanted me to give him a treat after he shook my hand.

  4. John Tynan’s avatar

    Hi Margaret, Christy,

    Yes, they are almost identical. I’ve updated the post to indicate that Rigatoni is in the center.

    Thanks for asking me to clarify this.

  5. Catherine Ramos’s avatar

    I love the photo of you with your puppies John, they look so content. Now we need to see a family photo with all of you…Where is Mommie Rene???


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