“A Day in Brussels” – John’s Second Comic

A Day In Brussels

In an effort to cobble together a process for creating comics from several angles, such as craft, and process, and technology , I’ve put together a new comic! Interesting thing about this, is that I tried to use two things that I had readily on hand:

  • Photos from our trip to Europe
  • A Journal entry for the day we went to Brussels

Interesting this was that, after putting together the first draft, using the straight narrative from the journal (describing what actually happened), I decided to shift gears and make things up.

It’s goofy, but it’s all part of a process of understanding how this kind of stuff works. Hope you like it!

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  1. Christy’s avatar

    That is SO much better, making it a cartoon. Most trip photos are self-explanatory, and the narration can be boring.

    This way, it was really, really interesting. Everybody should do it this way. My God, you have no idea the amount of boring shit I’ve had to listen to here in suburbia.

    Kudos, kudos…..


  2. John Tynan’s avatar


    I can just imagine the many recollections of family car trips to Arkansas that you must have endured.

    Glad you liked it 😉

  3. Christy’s avatar

    I guess there is a qualitative difference between Brussels and Branson.

    Something about making it a comic, though, could equalize the playing field. Every trip can be magical and full of whimsy with a comic book attitude. Even a trip to the john. No, especially a trip to the john.

    Had a very bad attitude myself today, at a Missouri football game. Hate football–went to see the band. Just couldn’t rise above my disdain for the fans. Hubby included. Very negative. I may have to start making comics of my entire life to detach. I will be “Yoga” (instead of Yoda). “Do it, think I will.”


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