My First Composed Lead

While we all love the brilliance of inspired improvisation, there is something to be said for a musical phrase that has been crafted and thought over and written out in the form of actual notes. While it may not be 100% divinely improvised at that moment, the initial inspiration may have made it to the page, and when the notes finally make it to your ears, they’re the ones that the composer has chosen, and they’re the notes that are right.

I recently ponied up the cash for four guitar lessons with this ASU student named Jake. He had me write out on manuscript paper a lead that I had been working on using tab as well as regular music notation.

Then, to record it, I started by loading a General MIDI blues tune by Otis Redding (which contained the drum and bass parts) into the BR-600. I then recorded the rhythm and lead guitar parts.

I’ve been obsessed by the creative process lately, figuring out the optimal approach for many things (like managing podcasts, creating comics, and – in this instance – creating music).

Have a listen to the results:


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