A Family, Birthday Gathering

A Tynan Birthday Gathering

Tonight, at King’s Fish House, Rene and I met my dad, my sister and brother-in-law, his mother, and my brother and his wife for some oysters and other specialties of the sea. I had been waiting for this meal for months. I knew that I would be ordering the lobster, and when it came, it was opulent.

A Birthday Meal

In addition to its culinary pleasure, tonight’s gathering gave me the dreamy feeling that you get after a well-appreciated meal, lingered over with good conversation. Just as with friends or kindred spirits, to enjoy a dinner like this with family was doubly special.

We talked about legendary family stories:

* how my brother and I blew up the barbeque grill
* how my uncle electrocuted his entire trade-school class
* how, after rolling his car and loosing all his brake fluid, my brother coasted down Mt. Lemon by downshifting and using the emergency brake
* how the drive shaft dropped out of my 1981 Toyota truck and catipulted the bed of the vehicle three feet in the air before the shaft snapped – and how, despite no power to the real wheels, we completed the trip from Flagstaff to Tucson by locking the front wheels in 4 wheel drive.

We recalled more car accidents, run-ins with electricity, incidents with b.b. guns and other well-known, favorite, family tales. So that, when the key lime pie came with the single, lit candle, my bon jour wishes had already come true.

  1. Christy’s avatar

    So yummy! So non-kosher! LOL

    I think you guys sound like a dangerous family, too. Our stories sound tame compared to yours.

  2. Angela Ambrosia’s avatar

    Great picture. I will print it and show Your mom it.



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