Wishing Rene a Bon Voyage!

Point the mike THIS way!!!, originally uploaded by renegutel.

We threw a wonderful bon voyage party for Rene this past weekend. We could not have gathered a better group of friends together… all the people who we would love to see meet each other, met. There was confetti everywhere (thanks Marcos)! Rene and Darlene were up till midnight the night before making ratatouille and Swedish meatballs and all sorts of hor’dourves (Yea!!). Terry presented Rene with a signed card from the station staff and a wonderful gift of euros to give her a gentle landing in Paris. Marcos playfully interviewed everyone in attendance and Susan took some kickin’ photos. Conversations were flying all over the place and much wine was consumed… especially the feuerzangenbowle — Hans’ flaming spiced wine. You can read more at Rene’s Blog or check out the photos at Rene’s new flickr account.


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