To Do List Overload

Yesterday, Rene played The “What If” Game. Tonight, I played a similar game. The”And then You Can” Game… The To Do List Overload.

Let me explain. Earlier tonight, before heading home from work, I posted this update in my Facebook status:

John is trying to not be sad on this first day of quasi-bachelorhood. Got to fill my time, and my mind, with grand thoughts and acts!

I soon received an encouraging note to “keep it together man” from my sagely friend John in St. Louis, Missouri. And this from Margaret:

Oh no! I have visions of you and Rigatoni wandering the house despondent…. slowly falling into disarray….. dishes piling up, takeout boxes accumulating. Joni Mitchell on the radio. Don’t do it John! Don’t do it!

Well, I’m glad to say, it didn’t get that pathetic. I wasn’t listening to Joni Mitchell’s River while sitting on the couch with Kleenexes all bunched up around me, but I did get a bit overwhelmed. Here is my list.

First you start with one thing:
Simply play the piano.
Oh, but then there’s draw.
Then there’s make an animation.
Then there’s build a 3d model — and animate it.
Then there’s geocode photos.
Then there’s ride your bicycle.
Then there’s… I mean, it’s like Simon says… play guitar!
Simon says there’s a glut of freakin’ things to do.
It’s amazing. You could go schizophrenic.
It’s insane. And then you have to maintain this stuff.
And then it’s like, play catch with the dog.
And then it’s like, take the dog to the dog park.
And then it’s like, learn the drums. Play the drums!
Clean out the garage.
Digitize your cds into mp3s.
AAAAA! It’s insane!!
And then it’s like, develop your church’s web site.
And then it’s like, refine your cartoon character using inkscape.
And then it’s like, refine your cartoon character and animate it.
And then it’s like, “screw that!” Just take a spiral notebook and make a flipbook.
And then it’s like, create a cartoon blog that actually has good writing and good artwork.
And then it’s like, write a story board.
I mean, you can post a video to you tube.
I mean, it’s insane the number of things you can do.
And then you can add: friggin’ read. Actually sit down and read a book.
Or, you can write an enclosure downloader to manage your podcasts.
Or, dual boot your system using linux. I mean, it’s insane.
You can manage all your online accounts.
Think about it… there’s a plethora of passwords waiting for you. User names and passwords!
Things you can do. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah.
Go to this url. Go here. Give us your brain’s thinking!

  1. your bride’s avatar

    great job keeping track of all the things you could fill your time with, darling. i suggest you put all these on a dartboard and every evening blindfold yourself, throw a dart, and see where it lands! (make sure rigatoni is in a safe spot).

  2. christy’s avatar

    I’m known for my bad advice, but…..

    Do some yoga! Or meditate. (Hey, I’ve seen how thin you are now, so I KNOW you wouldn’t feel out of place at a yoga studio! Not that you should have, anyway!)

    I’m trying to picture myself–an old married lady–in your suddenly unaccompanied state.

    I would definitely do some “Risky Business” underwear dancing. And be a piggish housekeeper, if that’s your tendency without Rene.

    Oh, and have some guys over for guy things….(I would do this too, despite being a woman…)


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