Rigatoni’s World

Rigatoni’s World, originally uploaded by johntynan.

It was a cloudy day and I decided to take David Hunsaker’s advice and go into the world and see what came up in the viewfinder. The negative space reminded me of Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth.

Andrew Wyeth. Christina's World. 1948



  1. Christy’s avatar

    I don’t know. Maybe.

    Christina might be trying to scrape off a dingleberry, like Rigatoni…..

    Always wondered why she was sitting so funny….


    It’s a haunting photo. Why is it dogs seen so much more complex than they are….

  2. John Tynan’s avatar

    Hi Christy!

    Discussions about art risk gasping on their own rarefied air.

    This kind of talk is best tempered with laughter.

    Thanks for introducing levity to the mix.

    I know the complex look you’re talking about. I’ve seen it on Rigatoni’s face, and I have to think… how much do you really know, and what you must think about all of this.

    Conversely, someone told me that owning a dog is like living with child that never gets beyond two years old. Some days, our dogs live up to that as well.

    Thanks again!


  3. Christy’s avatar

    I was being flip about the photo, initially, but it is uncanny how even my untrained eye sees when the perspective is right.

    RE: the dog vs. child issue. We have both, and it is so true!!! Just like a toddler. About that smart, and the dog is more loving. (Not trashing my kids…..just stating a fact.)


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