Rapid Publishing at the Public Media Conference

This year at IMA2008, I plan to blog the conference. In doing this, I’ve set up my camera with an EyeFi card so that any photos I take will be automatically uploaded to my flickr account… without first uploading them to the computer (Too bad they can’t be tagged at the same time). I’m also using my trusty Palm T/X to update my blog. I’ve even set up wordpress so that any new posts also send a notification to twitter with the tag: IMA08. Blog posts will automatically get filed in the publicbroadcasting category (too bad they can’t be automatically tagged as well, but I can do that later). Additionally, I’ll also be sending twitter updates from the TX alone. I’ve packed some backup batteries and I think I’m all set to go.

I’m reading over the birds of a feather dinner schedule, checking out who I’m looking forward to lifting a glass with, and which conversations I’d most like to participate in. I’m checking out the conference schedule and getting familiar with the presenters. Looking forward to seeing and hearing some great things! Looking forward to getting inspired!

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