Open Source Slideshow Software

If you want to pitch open source sofware to your management, go directly for the heart: show them this open source equivalent to Powerpoint!

As a case in point, I used this software to create the following slideshow:

Open Source Slideshow – IMA2007 Project Planning Session

based on my conference notes from the informative Project Planning tech session.

The elevator pitch:

  • opensource, standards based. Only requires a browser. No costly, proprietary software necessary.
  • Authored using only intutively formatted text files!
  • A fast, easy way to go from conference notes… to getting the word out!

The presentation above was created using the following text file.

For additional information, see: Easy Slideshows using reST and S5

Note: I discovered this tool as a result of checking out Jacob Smullyan’s (from bookmarks – another case for using existing tools for collaborating as a network.

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  1. Jack Brighton’s avatar

    Wow, I love this Slideshow thingy! I’ll experiment with it to see how far I can push it. I typically abuse Powerpoint, so this’ll be fun.

    Thanks for sharing this John. We should have a wiki space for recommending tools like this for particular purposes, maybe with reviews and examples of what they can do, etc.


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